Executive Summary

Company History Eisen is an American company that produces engineered fasteners and components, along with fabricated commercial furniture including racks. It was founded in 1994.
Scope Eisen serves local manufacturers along with a presence in emerging markets. The company has operations in US, Taiwan, and India with employees who adhere to the highest ethical standards. These talented individuals, many of whom have specialized engineering expertise, contribute to our innovate culture. We have a key supply base that shares our culture and a drive for excellence visible in our product folio.
Customer Base Large and Medium manufacturers with multiple manufacturing locations.
Global Presence Eisen supports customers in NAFTA and emerging markets. The company has strong systems in place to both deliver to and source from Mexico, Canada, China, India, Taiwan.

Time Line

1994Started with a 400 sq ft shared warehouse to supply engineered fasteners in Lansing, Michigan
2004Expanded to two warehouses in Lansing, Michigan
2005Developed an ERP system to enable full tractability of products
2006 Built a 20,000 sqft modern manufacturing facility for cold headed parts in Lansing, Michigan
2007 Implemented global customer and supply base in China, Taiwan, India
2008Expanded customer base in Central and South America
2013Developed UL Control Panel product line
2013Started manufacturing fabricated commercial racks and furniture at Lansing facility
2014Awarded major Ford rack program for interior trim
2015Awarded major Chrysler rack program for instrument panels
2015 Expanded Lansing facility with additional 10,000 sqft high ceiling building for rack programs
2019Started development of commercial furniture