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At Eisen, you will be part of a team that creates the best designed products everyday. Eisen's innovative industrial products are used in cars, oil fields, electrical, and consumer products throughout the world. The consumer and medical product lines offer our customers high quality products that are designed and made in America. Our unique work culture promotes living in harmony with our environment, a live and let live philosophy, work life balance, fine arts, and vocational education.

Work Culture

Eisen is more than a business – it’s where we work to achieve our goals. We want each and every employee to take ownership of their work and feel empowered to be successful. We want them to feel appreciated for their commitment to achieve the happiness in their daily life.

How To Apply

Eisen is interested in talented individuals 365 days a year. If you think you have skills that would be useful to our organization, please fill out an application and email it with a cover letter and resume to human resources. Don't wait for a position to open up. Eisen reviews its staffing needs and fills openings with applications from this page. Email all applications to careers@eisennet.com

Internship Program

The internship program at Eisen is designed to integrate knowledge learned in the classroom with on-the-job experience in the student’s desired career field. We do this by exposing you to real live projects that have a direct impact on our innovation. For this reason, your success is our success. Our programs are all hands-on, where you will roll-up your sleeves and do something meaningful each day. You will be excited to come to work every morning, and likely be dreaming of ideas when you go home. Your school will give you the basics. At Eisen you will learn how to work and be successful in a fast paced innovative atmosphere.

We have year round openings for internships that sometimes don’t get posted or are filled from existing applicants. Even if you don’t see a posting, you should submit an application for one in your field of interest. So don’t wait! Get a head start and apply today.

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